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Introducing Triumph Waterproofing​

Your Premier Choice for Superior Waterproofing Solutions​

Over 35 years of waterproofing experience across Canada







When it comes to protecting your property from water damage, Triumph Waterproofing is your trusted partner for unparalleled excellence. We provide trustworthy, reliable 24/7 service by in-house experts trained by the top manufacturers in the business, across all Canada, and with more than 35 years of experience to back it up.

Here’s why choosing Triumph Waterproofing is the wisest decision you can make for your construction projects:

Unrivaled Quality and Durability:

    • Our waterproofing systems are engineered using the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring unmatched durability and long-lasting protection.
    • With Triumph Waterproofing, you can rest assured that your walls, slab, roof, and other construction applications will remain impervious to water infiltration, safeguarding your investment for years to come.

Expertise and Experience:

    • Backed by 35 years of industry expertise and hands-on experience, our team of waterproofing specialists possesses the knowledge and skillset necessary to deliver superior results.
    • From surface preparation to application techniques, we adhere to the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring precise execution and optimal performance in every project.

Comprehensive Range of Solutions:

    • Whether you require waterproofing for walls, slabs, roofs, or any other construction application, Triumph Waterproofing offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your specific needs.
    • Our versatile waterproofing systems are tailored to accommodate various substrates, environments, and project requirements, providing you with customized solutions that deliver maximum effectiveness and reliability.

Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction:

    • At Triumph Waterproofing, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and support throughout every stage of your project, from consultation to completion.
    • Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure your total satisfaction, providing personalized attention, responsive communication, and timely project delivery that exceeds your expectations.

Exceptional Value:

    • While other waterproofing solutions may compromise on quality to cut costs, Triumph Waterproofing is dedicated to delivering unparalleled value without sacrificing performance.
    • With competitive pricing, transparent pricing structures, and superior durability, our waterproofing systems offer unbeatable value for your investment, delivering long-term protection and peace of mind.
Don’t compromise on waterproofing quality. Choose Triumph Waterproofing for superior solutions that ensure lasting protection and peace of mind for your construction projects. Contact us today to learn more about our waterproofing services and experience the Triumph difference for yourself!

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What We Bring to the Table

We have combined our dynamic construction forces to offer fully integrated envelope systems for both new constructions & existing retrofits. The cladding, roofing and window components of your project are managed from start to finish.
Driven by innovation, expertise, and collaboration, our team seamlessly directs your roofing project from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your bigger picture. We have successfully worked with property, facility and procurement managers, consultants, engineers, architects, building owners and general contractors across Canada.
Specifically designed to extend the life of your roof, our maintenance experts will work with you to create a program aligned with both your building and budget requirements.


The protection of our clients, team, community and stakeholders is continuously at the forefront of our work. Engrained into our corporate culture, safety and compliance shape every level of the organization. We are certified members, in good standing with COR, OIRCA, CRCA, ISN, TCA, RCI, SWA, ISN ComplyWorks and Contractor Check.

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