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Here's why you should choose us for your solar needs:

Since 2010, our solar division has actively developed and constructed over 25 MWP of solar PV on more than 125 industrial, commercial, and institutional sites. We provide fully integrated Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services, leveraging our diverse construction forces and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional results at every step of the value chain.

Our solar and roofing divisions work in synergy to minimize downtime and disruption to your solar system during roof repairs or replacements. We have developed expertise in safely removing and storing solar arrays on-site, allowing for efficient reinstallation, testing, and seamless operation once the roofing work is complete.

We go beyond solar installations to help our clients maximize energy savings. Whether it’s through net-metered solar roofs, on-site energy storage systems, or a combination of both, our team of solar experts evaluates your energy bills and develops customized designs to suit your building’s energy consumption. We conduct thorough feasibility studies and collaborate with electrical utilities to ensure a seamless connection process. Depending on site conditions and energy profiles, we can even install energy storage projects with no upfront capital required from the building owner.

Triumph Solar Division has been actively engaged in developing and installing rooftop solar systems on ICI buildings since 2010. Our current Net Metering program offers a savings-based model, where the connection of a net-metered system is accompanied by the installation of a bidirectional meter by the local utility. As your solar system generates electricity, your monthly electricity bill is reduced accordingly, reflecting the units of electricity generated from the solar system.

The heightened efficiency and reduced electricity consumption compared to conventional systems establish geothermal setups as a more economically viable choice over the long term. The initial investment required for implementing a geothermal system is balanced by ongoing monthly savings in utility expenses. These savings are relatively unaffected by the fluctuating costs of fossil fuels and electricity. Furthermore, when the geothermal system is correctly installed, the underground piping boasts an extended lifespan, and maintenance costs have demonstrated to be lower in comparison to solar, wind, and traditional power sources.

Choose Triumph for your solar solutions and benefit from our extensive experience, collaborative approach, and commitment to maximizing energy savings. With our expertise in solar installations, energy conservation, and storage solutions, we deliver outstanding results that meet your specific needs while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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