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Since 2010, our solar division has actively developed and constructed over 25 MWP of solar PV on more than 125 industrial, commercial and institutional sites across Ontario. Our solar division provides fully integrated EPC services at every element of the value chain by combining blanket equipment and our diverse construction forces. Our solar division has actively developed and led solar removal and reinstallation, Re & Re, projects for industrial, commercial and intuitional sites. Our solar and roofing divisions work collaboratively, which allows the system owner to minimize the down time of the solar system as the roof is being repaired or replaced. The solar array is safely removed and stored in containers on site. Once the roofing work is complete, the solar system is re-installed, tested and put back into operation.


The Path to Solar Empowerment

  • Triumph obtains the last 12 months of electricity bills from the Client.
  • Triumph reviews the bills and designs an efficient system based on available rooftop space.
  • Triumph prepares a no-obligation proposal for the client. Capital cost and annual savings in electricity bills are detailed in the proposal.
  • Installation Agreement is signed between Triumph and the Client.
  • Triumph develops the project, obtaining approvals from the Local Distribution Company (LDC) and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).
  • Triumph designs, procures and installs the solar system on the rooftop.
  • LDC replaces the existing meter with a bidirectional meter.
  • Triumph performs testing and commissioning and delivers a turnkey system.
  • The client starts realizing the savings on the very next hydro bill for the next 20 years.


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