Over 30 years of roofing experience across Canada

Sustainable Solar Solutions

Since 2010, our solar division has actively developed and constructed over 25 MWP of solar PV on more than 125 industrial, commercial and institutional sites across Ontario. Our solar division provides fully integrated EPC services at every element of the value chain by combining blanket equipment and our diverse construction forces

We believe our clients should have options. Our solar division has actively developed and led solar removal and reinstallation, Re & Re, projects for industrial, commercial and intuitional sites. Our solar and roofing divisions work collaboratively, which allows the system owner to minimize the down time of the solar system as the roof is being repaired or replaced. The solar array is safely removed and stored in containers on site. Once the roofing work is complete, the solar system is re-installed, tested and put back into operation.

Energy Conservation & Storage. To ensure our clients realize maximum savings on their energy bills we install a net-metered solar roof, an on-site energy storage system, or a combination of both. Before we develop a design customized to your building’s energy consumption, our team of solar experts will evaluate your bills and prepare a no obligation proposal that outlines potential savings . The team then conducts a feasibility study, and the electrical utility is consulted for the connection of the project. Depending on the site conditions and energy profile, an energy storage project can be installed with no upfront capital from the building owner.



What We Bring To The Table



We have combined our dynamic construction forces to offer fully integrated envelope systems for both new constructions & existing retrofits. The cladding, roofing and window components of your project are managed from start to finish



Driven by innovation, expertise, and collaboration, our team seamlessly directs your roofing project from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your bigger picture. We have successfully worked with property, facility and procurement managers, consultants, engineers, architects, building owners and general contractors across Canada.



Specifically designed to extend the life of your roof, our maintenance experts will work with you to create a program aligned with both your building and budget requirements.



The protection of our clients, team, community and stakeholders is continuously at the forefront of our work. Engrained into our corporate culture, safety and compliance shape every level of the organization. We are certified members, in good standing with COR, OIRCA, CRCA, ISN, TCA, RCI, SWA, ISN ComplyWorks and Contractor Check.